Willard Samson

Criminal turned relic hunter



Name: Willard Samson Virtue Fortitude Profession Criminal
Player: Jonathan Vice Wrath Compact Aegis Kai Doru
Chronicle Innocence Lost Concept “Artifact Aquisitions” Conspiracy The Scroll


power Intelligence oo Strength ooo Presence o
finesse Wits oooo Dexterity oooo Manipulation o
resistance Resolve o Stamina oo Composure oooo



Academics research oo
Computer o
Investigation artifacts oo
Occult oo


Athletics o
Brawl o
Drive motorcycle oo
Firearms pistol oo
Larceny theft oo
Stealth o
Survival o
Weaponry o


Animal Ken
Intimidation o
Socialise o
Streetwise o
Subterfuge o



Ambidextrous ooo
Gunslinger ooo
Quickdraw o
Striking Looks oo
Resources oo
Status Xyphos oo
Relic one eyed kings o
Relic skeleton key o
Health ooooooo
Willpower ooooo
Morality ooooo
Size 5 Speed 12
Defense 4 Initiative mod 8



Willard was a “cookie cutter” troubled teen, always getting into trouble. He was always one step away from juvenile detention and being on the cusp of adulthood prison looked like a likely future for him. It wasn’t out of any disrespect of his father, he genuinely just never found anything to do with his life.

Willard’s father was a private curator and collector of antiques, it was his fathers standing and contacts that kept him from the punishments he actually deserved.
But his fathers work and peers were a cover, they were members of the Aegis Kai Doru and his father was actually dealing in real mystical artifacts.

Around the age of 16, Willard had accidentally found out the truth whilst trying to steal something from his father with the intent to make a quick buck.

He was discovered and forced to remain silent about it, the other members of the cell threatened to end his life in a rather painful and messy way if he should reveal anything he had found out, his father assured him they meant every word and that it would be out of his hands to defend Willard in that situation.

It wasn’t very long after, that his father’s colleagues came to see him. They told him that his father had been killed whilst meeting with a shapechanger in the hopes of brokering some sort of deal for a dangerous artifact. Willard went crazy, he found out where the meeting had taken place, grabbed his guns and motorcycle and sped off with revenge in mind.

His father’s cell unable to stop him, gave chase. They could just let the fool die, but they had all owed his father many favours in the past.
Up in the forested hills near his home Willard found the area described and the torn bloody remains of his father too. He screamed in horror and heartache, the noise drew something back to the spot. Something big, wild, shaggy haired and enraged. Willard was transfixed momentarily and saw the thing wore an intricate jewelled collar, the creature leapt at him before he had a chance to draw his pistols, there was a blaze of pain across his face and he went down.

The hunter cell arrived at that moment and let loose with whatever weapons they had with them, it was pretty ineffectual and it sprang upon them too. They almost broke and ran when two more of the creatures ran from the treeline, but they ignored the hunters and attacked the first beast. The smell of blood and dirt and fur filled the area, panic and indecision ran throughout the cell.

The first creature was larger and stronger than the two that were snapping and clawing at it. With a quick slash it disemboweled one of it’s attackers. Then the thing knocked the other to the ground and reached it’s claw high to deliver a killing blow, it didn’t notice that Willard still lived, stood close behind it he emptied the clips of both pistols into the back of the monster’s skull and it dropped dead.

The creature and the one it had killed reverted to human forms. The surviving shapechanger with gratitude for saving his life and help in taking down this creature run mad. He tore the collar from the corpse and gave it to the cell to deal with, they have an alliance with him still.

Willard was taken under their wing and gained an education, mostly private schools and private tuition. He has shown that he actually has the aptitude to become a noteworthy scholar someday, but until then, his other skills have become quite useful to this aging cell. He now goes where they send him and researches and collects artifacts out in the field to sends back to them.

He misses his father very much and wishes to do him proud by keeping dangerous artifacts locked away where they can’t harm anyone else. His scars are a constant reminder to try not to take too many foolish risks if he wishes to keep to this goal.

Willard Samson

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