Elijah Haber

Sociopathic FBI Special Agent (VASCU)


Virtue: Justice Vice: Wrath Profession: Special Agent (Detective)
Conspiracy: VASCU

Intelligence: 4 Strength: 3 Presence: 1
Wits: 3 Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 1
Resolve: 2 Stamina: 3 Composure: 4

Academics: (Law) 3
Computer: 1
Crafts: (Gun Smith) 2
Investigation: (Crime Scene) 4
Medicine: 0
Occult: 1
Politics: 0
Science: 0

Athletics: 1
Brawl: (Martial Arts) 3
Drive: 1
Firearms: (Handgun) 2
Larceny: 1
Stealth: 0
Survival: 0
Weaponry: 0

Animal Ken: 0
Empathy: 2
Expression: 0
Intimidation: 0
Persuasion: 0
Socialize: 0
Streetwise: 1
Subterfuge: 2

Eidetic Memory 2
Danger Sense 2
Multilingual 3
Direction Sense 1
Language 3
Mentor 1
Resources 2
Brawl Dodge 1
Jeet Kune Do 3
Krav Maga 3
Aikido 3
Professional Training 1
Teleinformatics (investigate) 3
Contacts 1
Status VASCU 3
Status FBI 2
Vigor 1

Behaviour Blind

Size: 5
Speed: 12
Defense: 3 (4)
Armour: (1) 1/2
Initiative Mod: 8 (11)

Health: 8
Willpower: 6
Morality: 5

Weapon Dice Mod. Range Clip Size
Beretta model 96 2 (9 again) 20/40/80 151 1/5
Colt M1911 A1 3 30/60/120 71 1/5
Telescopic Baton +3 (B) n/a n/a 2/5 (1/5)

Skeleton Key, King’s Coins, Whistle, Scroll


Elijah was born in New York the son of Mendel and Ayla Haber. They moved to Arkansas when Elijah was nine to a small town named Bay. Elijah was not fond of the new town it was always too hot in Arkansas, he had left all his friends behind and there was nothing to do in Bay, the nearest town was miles away and the library in Bay was small and didn’t have many books. Elijah was new at the school and didn’t like it. None of the kids wanted to be his friend and used to pick on him. The only person who was kind to him was a teacher named Mr Landry. Mr Landry used to run the chess club at school and so Elijah signed up and proved to be quite good a chess. He lived a quiet life where he kept his head down at school and went home each night to sit alone in his room and read. Until one day when he was ten Elijah’s mother could not make it to school to walk him home so Mr Landry offered to help out and walk him home. Elijah was happy as Mr Landry was his friend. On the way home Mr Landry changed something inside him just snapped and he attacked Elijah and stabbed him with a knife he had in his pocket. As Elijah lay there crying as he felt his life slip away for the first time in his life he knew what it was to be mortal. Elijah did not die that day as an angel named Wendy saved his life she was the owner of a local antiques shop who the local kids mocked and laughed at they called her One Armed Wendy as she had lost her arm when she was a child. That evening as Elijah lay in injured in his hospital bed Mr Landry attacked his classmates while they were on a field trip to see an orchestra playing in the nearest town. He took a knife and killed three people and injured several other students while whistling the itsy bitsy spider. After a couple of months of recovery and therapy he returned to the school to meet the eyes of his fellow students surrounded by pity. He felt gratitude to Wendy and visited her each day after school in her shop where they would talk and play chess.
After a few months back at school something strange happened when researching a school project Elijah was looking into the incident with Landry when he discovered that this was not the first time children at the school in Bay had been attacked. He found out that every 15 years a group of children were attacked and killed at the school. After researching further Elijah uncovered that these attacks were always carried out by Landry himself dating back at least 80 years and Landry never changed his age. He then started looking into similar incidents all over America where groups of children had been killed in 15 year cycles each by a man matching Landry’s description. He had been doing this for years. Elijah constructed a file on Landry placing each incident which he believed Landry had committed into the file. While he was doing this research he discovered another anomaly in the town. The librarian at the local library had been the same person for far too long. He went to warn the other children he had been working with on the class project what he had found. Upon returning to the library to tell Lauren, Damon and Mike, he learned from Damon and Lauren that Mike had gone off with the librarian some time ago and they had not returned. Elijah encouraged the others to come with him to investigate. At the librarians house they went round back where Elijah picked the lock and they snuck into the librarian’s house. In the basement they found the Librarian had tied Mike down to a table and was using magic she had learned from an ancient scroll she found to steal the youth of children every 30 years or so where she would pretend to be her own daughter in order to extend her own life. They interrupted the ritual and saved Mikes life. As the old librarian attacked them Elijah was again saved by Wendy who burst into the house and killed the librarian with a prosthetic arm made of gold. After the fight Elijah managed to obtain some of the magic items the “witch” had acquired over the years. He got a scroll written in Japanese which once he learned to speak and read Japanese he could use to seal every entrance to a building, as well as a necklace which paralysed any person wearing it and a whistle which when blown would deafen anyone you blew it at.
Over the next few months Elijah felt closer to Damon, Lauren and Mike who he had survived this strange experience with and became friends with them. Damon he grew closest to. Damon being adopted and somewhat neglected by his family would spend a lot of time with Elijah at his house where they became best friends. It was in the summer holidays that another strange incident happened. Elijah heard of the disappearance of a local boy. Elijah did some research into the town and found a legend that occasionally small children were taken by something referred to as the Mountain Mother. He looked into the legend of the Mountain Mother and learned that she lived underground and was susceptible to bright lights and loud noises. With this information at hand he called his friends and they all met up where he informed them of all he had discovered and they decided to go and find the missing child. They equip themselves with bright torches and Elijah managed to acquire an air horn from the local hardware store. They used the pet dog of the missing child to track his scent to a whole in the ground which fed into an old abandoned mine shaft. They climbed down into the shaft and followed it till they found the small boy crying in a dark cave. As they went to leave the cave they found the Mountain Mother stood in the entrance to the passage they had just came through. As the monster recoiled from the light of his torch Elijah pulled out the air horn and blasted it at her. The monster grasped its head in pain and Mike ran forward and hit it with a baseball bat. Elijah kept moving toward the beast blasting the air horn at it in an attempt to keep it subdued while Mike hit it. The monster lashed out at him to stop the noise and struck Elijah across the chest with its claws cutting him open. As he fell backwards from the attack the Mountain Mother it raised its claws to strike and finish Elijah but before the beast could strike Mike felled the monster with a finishing blow on the back of the Mountain Mothers head slaying the beast. After they escaped the tunnels the others got the child back to his parents while Elijah went to Wendy to get help. Wendy stitched him up but as good as her job was the Mountain Mother left her mark on Elijah just as Landry had months ago.
Over the next two years Elijah’s friendship with his new friends grew stronger and he even became friends with one of the kids who used to bully him at school. Tim who was one of the children who was attacked by Mr Landry came back from therapy a different person. During the Landry attack he was forced to shoot Mr Landry in self defence and even though Landry survived it shook him to his very core. He came back quiet and timid. Tim had got a job working in Wendy’s shop where Tim and Elijah started to talk and became friends. Toward the last year of elementary school while the friends were around thirteen a new teacher came to work at the school and strange things started to happen again. Elijah who had been always on the lookout for the strange and unusual due to the events that had happened to him in the past as well as constantly hunting the internet for Landry was the first to notice when another child went missing. A large number of unusually large slugs, snails and molluscs were found around the school as well as a number of students who had started to offer odd. These students were also secreting slime similar to what the molluscs were secreting. Elijah and his friends soon discovered that these students had been replaced probably by the molluscs. Elijah convinced his friends to help him investigate the school, believing that the molluscs had something to do with this he suggested they equip themselves with salt. Taking a couple of containers of salt and water pistols filled with salt water Elijah met his friends who had equipped themselves in a similar fashion and the set off to investigate the school. At the school they found many of the students patrolling the area who attacked them. When these imposters were exposed to salt they shrivelled up and were destroyed. They fought their way into the school where in the basement they found the new teacher surrounded by a large fleshy mass of these molluscs. Damon panicked and sprayed lighter fuel over the mass and lit it. The mass caught fire quickly and soon turned to a conflagration Elijah and his friends ran from the school as it burned to the ground. After what had happened they went to Mike’s house to clean up while there Damon found a knife and started to cut himself they stopped him from hurting himself further but Elijah became worried for his friends stability.
After Damon had started hurting himself Elijah spent the next two years keeping a closer eye on his friend and Damon started to spend more time round at Elijah’s house. He also grew closer to Lauren and they started to date each other. During the summer holidays when they were fifteen a fair came to town and they all decided to go. Elijah took Lauren as a date and they met her friend Kim at the fair. Kim was also the sister of Tim who had come with her bringing their younger brother with them. Damon also met them at the fair as he was interested in Kim and had asked Elijah to see if he could help out. While at the fair Tim’s brother was lead off into the woods by some creature. Tim followed and saw a man save Tim’s brother from the monster by killing it. Tim returned and told us what had happened. After ensuring Tim’s brother got home safely Elijah, Damon, Tim, Mike and Lauren decided to investigate what was happening. First the group decided to tell Wendy what was going on as she seemed to know of the strange things that happened in Bay and how to deal with them. When they got to Wendy’s shop they found that she wasn’t there so they went out to her house on the outskirts of town to see if she was there. They arrived to find Wendy tied up and being questioned by the man who saved Tim’s brother with human bones strewn around the room. The man had a gun which he was keeping trained on them as he tried to convince them that Wendy was evil and he was there to save them. Elijah stared off against the man waiting for his moment to strike he did not know if what the man was saying about Wendy killing her family was true and that was who’s bones were on the floor but he knew he trusted Wendy who had saved his life and helped him over the years more than he trusted this stranger with a gun. Ever since the strange things in town had started happening Elijah had known he was unprepared for what horrors hide in the shadows of the world but he had been training himself both mentally and physically. For a moment the man looked away and Elijah moved and his martial arts training kicked in. He kicked the gun from the man’s hand. Disarmed the man struck Elijah taking him off his feet as Damon got his gun. The group managed to restrain the man and free Wendy. Elijah searched the man and found a strange key made of bone and two coins. Later Elijah discovered that the key could open any tumbler lock and the coins could allow you to see what was happening to another person if they had the coin on them. Wendy then questioned the man and finding out what he knew of the monsters praying on the towns children we all decided to go with Wendy to help deal with the monsters. To this day Elijah does not know what Wendy did to the man who attacked her but he is sure she killed him. When they got to the cabin where the monsters lived they took some propane canisters which they set on fire and rolled down the hill toward the cabin, blowing the place up while Wendy shot any stragglers that escaped the blaze. While they drove back to Wendy’s house Elijah asked Wendy about the bones, she explained that they were the bones of her family and that the man had dug them up. He did not wish to question her further about the subject as she had saved his life but he now knew that there was something wrong and dangerous about Wendy. But as she had never harmed anyone he cared for could see no reason to confront her further. Later that year Elijah had one of the coins he had found on the strange man put on a necklace for Lauren to wear.
As the years passed Elijah trained harder and pushed himself further every day learning all he could. He and his friend Damon both applied to Harvard Law School and having both aced their final year exams had both been accepted. With the future looking bright ahead of them they were both looking forward to their prom nights, with Elijah’s urging Damon had finally plucked up the courage to ask Kim, Tim’s sister and Lauren’s friend who Damon had had a crush on for years, to the prom. That prom night would change all their lives forever.
That night, during prom, Landry returned to Bay. While at the prom Elijah heard someone describe a weird man they had seen outside whistling the itsy bitsy spider. The description froze the blood in Elijah’s veins as he realised Landry had returned. Elijah looked for his friend and found Damon waiting outside the girls toilets where he had asked Lauren to check on Kim who had been in there a while. When Damon told Elijah what he was doing one of the other girls at the prom told them she’d seen her with some older guy who when was described matched Landry’s description. Elijah then quickly told his friends his suspicions who became as frightened as he was. Damon and Tim suddenly realising that Kim may be in danger began searching for her. Elijah and Lauren tripped the fire alarm to evacuate the school to get the rest of the students to safety. Elijah and Lauren then started to look for Tim and Damon seeking safety in numbers. They found the two in the music room where Landry had killed Kim and left her body as a message to them on the piano in the room. Damon was shaken and Tim raving. Lauren went to see if Damon was ok while Elijah stopped Tim from charging off to meet Landry. Elijah convinced Tim that they needed weapons if they were to confront Landry who had been speaking to them over the schools PA system. They went to the school’s cafeteria where they armed themselves with knives they took from the kitchen. Elijah then used the internal phone system in the school to call through to the principal’s office reasoning Landry would be there as he had been talking to them via the PA system. Landry answered. Elijah instructed Landry to meet them in the school’s sports hall in ten minutes and immediately hung up making sure that their next meeting would be on Elijah’s terms. They confronted Landry in the sports hall where they found him waiting with a gun. Landry shot Elijah in the shoulder Tim, Damon and Mike ran at Landry while Lauren got into cover. Elijah joined the others in the fight with Landry and they were able to disarm him. Tim and Damon overcome with rage stabbed Landry to death while the rest watched on unable to stop him. After the fight Elijah found a Dictaphone on Landry which explained that he had placed a bomb in the school which would detonate soon killing them if they should have won. Escaping the blast the group headed for Wendy’s house they were in need of medical care and the nearest hospital was miles away and Elijah was losing blood fast and knew Wendy had some medical training. Wendy patched them up while Damon went upstairs to her bathroom and slit his wrists in a fit of depression over the trauma of what happened that night. Luckily Wendy was able to find him in time and patch him up enough to save his life.

Elijah Haber

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